Why Home Performance is a Great Business

You've come to this website, so you must have an idea of the opportunity that exists in the building performance industry right now.  But in case you're not entirely convinced, here are a few main reasons why building performance is a great business to be in and why we're in it ourselves.

Consumers are Demanding It

Homeowners want to protect their largest investment, feel more comfortable in their homes, make their homes safer and more durable, and maintain good air quality. On top of that, the cost to heat, cool and otherwise run a home has skyrocketed and there's no end in sight. Needing to keep their expenses under control, homeowners are more motivated than ever to make changes to their homes that will reduce their monthly energy bills. And a growing concern for climate change is also motivating homeowners to do their part for the environment.

Governments are Supporting It

The federal government, as well as state, county and municipal governments, and many utilities, are running incentive programs to help homeowners pay for energy audits and energy-saving upgrades. There's bi-partisan support for energy tax credits, rebates and various other programs, as government sees energy efficiency as a way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and a way to create jobs.

Lots of Opportunity

Virtually all homes in America can benefit from weatherization – even newer homes, due to poor builder workmanship – so there's unlimited potential.  Many energy-saving upgrades pay for themselves fairly quickly through reduced energy costs, so homeowners are motivated to start saving. And Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) are becoming more widely available, giving homeowners access to funds for energy-saving improvements. It's a relatively new industry where there's little competition, and these jobs can't be shipped overseas.

A Business You Can Feel Good About

You're helping homeowners reduce their expenses, feel more comfortable in their homes, improving their indoor air quality and the durability of their homes – all while having a positive impact on the environment.

Easy to Get Started

Your certification training can be completed in as little as a few weeks, and with a turn-key business solution likeBuilding Energy Pros, you can be up and running very quickly.