Project Management Portal

Manage your entire business's workflow in one place.

portal process screen shotBuilding Energy Pros' “Project Management (PM) Portal” is an easy-to-use online sales and project management tool. It's designed to track projects from initial energy audit to retrofit work to final evaluation - and provides your Auditor and Trade Partners immediate access to key project information.

Energy auditing and home performance contracting requires a tremendous amount of time scheduling projects, sharing audit reports, bidding upgrades, assigning Trade Partners, preparing work orders, scheduling and performing retrofitting, tracking progress, performing final test-outs, preparing and sending utility program documentation, etc - and constantly communicating progress with our Clients. PM Portal is designed specifically for the home performance contracting industry, to help you and your Partners more easily complete projects on time, within budget and with excellent customer experience.

Benefits & Key Features:

  • Efficient tracking of all potential audit and retrofitting leads with step-by-step process
  • Automatically schedules audits, sales visits and retrofitting to PM Portal Calendar
  • Shows data and calendar changes immediately to all users
  • Convenient way to share audit reports, client data, photos, etc. with Auditor & Trade Partners
  • Communicates to mobile devices for easy access to project information from the field
  • Tracks monthly and annual retrofitting sales and creates sales report
  • Includes regular automatic communication with your Clients
  • Provides one-stop location for all Client and project information
  • Simple process for tracking Clients from initial audit sale to final evaluation
  • Automatically generates key project management and financial reports
  • Offers regional tracking for larger companies
  • Ability to assign initial auditor, sales person and test-out auditor to projects
  • Allows company manager to assign different info security clearance to individual users
  • Ability for Trade Partners to upload quotes directly into Client portal
  • Records status with utility, weatherization or local government programs
  • Provides option to filter projects by Auditor, Salesperson or Region
  • Ability to prepare scopes of work directly within the PM Portal
  • Creates work orders and allows Trade Partners to contract directly within the PM Portal


Sample Screen Shots

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Main Page - Click to Enlarge project management portal audit lead report

portal calendar screen shot portal client view screen screen shot

portal process screen shot portal work order screen shot

portal assign bid category screen shot portal file upload screen shot

Hardware Requirements

BEP Project Management Portal requires internet access - no additional software is required. PM Portal is especially efficient to use on mobile devices.

Ordering Information

BEP Project Management Portal is included in our Turn-Key Business Package or available a la carte. Please call us at 1-800-309-6006 or email or for additional licensing information or to order. BEP PM Portal is provided as a monthly or annual license which includes unlimited free upgrades.  Basic package includes up to 6 users. PM Portal provides the key project management reports but customized reports are available for an additional fee.