Marketing Strategies

bullseyeWhether you're new in business or a seasoned contractor, we have lots of ideas to help bring customers to your door. Stay ahead of your competition with our tried and tested marketing strategies.

How we can help you market your services:

  1. Local Search Optimization – Get your company ranked higher on the major search engines. This process takes commitment and time, but does work effectively. You need to be active in creating fresh content for the search engines. We can help you write the content.
  2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services – We have identified the most effective keywords targeted to the services you provide. All we need to do is dial in on your location to help you offer your specific services. You control the budget, and we will help you track the results of your campaign with our call tracking feature.
  3. Guerilla Marketing & Lead Generation – Join local networking groups and expand your sales network. Use the right lead generation partners to help you get a steady stream of business. 
  4. Customer Reviews Get Leads – We have identified some of the best services to have your customers write reviews of your company, which result in wider online exposure so your reviews will show up when potential customers are doing their research online.
  5. Telemarketing Services – If your area or utility has a local program with incentives for homeowners, then our telemarketing service can help drum up appointments. Our agents are knowledgeable about home performance, and can talk to homeowners intelligently about the benefits you're providing.
  6. Direct Mail – Follow our plan to maximize your marketing dollars with direct mail. Use our pre-designed direct mail pieces or we'll help you create custom pieces to meet your specific needs. We can help you write, design and fulfill your direct mail.
  7. Email Marketing – Drive homeowners to your website to get free energy saving tips. The more you get the word out, the larger your email list. As you build your email list, we can help you craft the perfect message to help attract customers.
  8. Newspaper – Not your traditional newspaper ads! These cost-effective strategies get you more bang for your buck and helps you get noticed by more potential customers.
  9. Online Offers – We'll help you create effective online offers and help you market them through the appropriate advertising channels to keep you busy.

Ordering Information

These Marketing Strategies are included in our Turn-Key Business Package or available ONLY with the a la carte  purchase of the Content-Ready Website and Business & Marketing Tools. Please call us at 1-800-309-6006 or email or for additional information or to order.