Why Building Energy Pros Over Doing It Alone?

You could certainly start your home performance business from scratch, or add home performance to your existing contracting business, and build the business on your own.  So why go withBuilding Energy Pros when you could start your own business?  The short answer: You pay less and get more than you would on your own.

And here's the longer answer...

Quick Startup

WithBuilding Energy Pros, you can start your business immediately and start generating revenue.  Everything you need to start and run your business is provided, including a comprehensive website, extensive marketing materials, audit report software, contracts and more.  Why spend your time and money building it when it’s already there for you?

Minimal Startup Costs

Building a business costs money, putting you in the red even before you start generating any income.  WithBuilding Energy Pros, you have low startup costs, so you won’t have to dig yourself out of a financial hole.  We even have financing for your auditing equipment to ease your startup expenditures.

Economies of Scale

Basically, you get things you couldn’t afford on your own.  Things like TV and radio commercials, a state-of-the-art website packed with videos and articles that’s optimized for all search engines, professionally designed brochures and sales materials, newsletters, group discounts on energy-saving products, and financing for your customers.  We can afford to hire the best writers, designers, marketing strategists and search engine specialists, and spread the costs across our entire affiliate network.  It would be prohibitively expensive for each affiliate to access these services on their own, but easily affordable as a member of the Team.

Reduce Your Risk

The building performance industry is relatively new, and many auditors don’t know how to make their business profitable.  WithBuilding Energy Pros, you get a wealth of experience working for you.  You get 1-on-1 business coaching from our experienced coaching team; you’ll get step-by-step guidance from people who have done it.  You’ll also have access to monthly webinars with affiliates across the country to discuss new strategies – find out what works, and what doesn’t!  You also get a membership in The Energy Auditors Marketing Center for no additional charge.


WithBuilding Energy Pros, you’re part of a national brand.  Even if you use your own branding and add “ABuilding Energy Pros Affiliate” you get instant credibility that helps you close deals.  As aBuilding Energy Pros affiliate, you also have the opportunity to become an instructor with Green Training USA, which can really increase your personal credibility and sales power.

You Keep the Profits

Unlike franchises where the franchisor dictates how you must run your business, and then keeps a portion of your profits, withBuilding Energy Pros it’s your own business.  While we’re here to support you every step of the way, the decisions are your own.  You can run your business according to your market conditions and preferences.  And while you pay a set fee each month to cover the affiliate services you receive, your profits are yours to keep.

Peace of Mind

As aBuilding Energy Pros business affiliate, you get everything you need to run your business.  From your marketing materials to contracts and forms to energy audit reporting software – and everything in between – it’s all there for you.  You never have to worry that you’ve missed an aspect of your business, or be stressed because you’re unsure about something.  Help is just a phone call away!