Reseller & Trainer Opportunities

gtusa logo croppedAs a Building Energy Pros Business Affiliate, you have income opportunities beyond your core business.  You can add new revenue streams as a reseller of Green Training USA courses, or becoming a trainer or proctor for BPI and RESNET courses offered through Green Training USA (must qualify).


Become a Trainer or Proctor

As a Building Energy Pros affiliate, you have the opportunity to become a trainer with Green Training USA. Being a trainer with a large, national training organization not only provides you with an additional source of revenue, it also gives you enormous credibility which can help you close business. The "Become a Trainer" option is available to affiliates with superior knowledge and practical proficiency.
Become a Green Training USA Trainer or Proctor

Become a Training Reseller

As a Building Energy Pros affiliate, you are also eligible to earn monetary incentives on referrals for building performance training courses through Green Training USA.Get the contractors in your network energy certified and earn money in the process! Many courses are eligible for incentives. Learn more...
Become a Green Training USA Reseller