Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

Jul, 10 2013 03:07

Landscaping For Energy Efficiency

When you think of the trees, flowers and bushes in your yard, you probably think of how nice your house looks from the street, or “curb appeal”.  But when it’s done right, your landscaping won’t just make your house look good, it can also help reduce your heating and cooling costs.  Properly positioned trees can save up to 25% of the energy used in a typical household by providing shade, shelter from wind, and coolness through evapotranspiration.

The kind of landscaping you will need to help you conserve energy will depend where you live.  The United States has four climate regions.  Here are a few landscaping strategies from the Department of Energy for each region:

Temperate Region

Hot-Arid Region

Hot-Humid Region

Cool Region

Don't Forget Your "Microclimate"

The microclimate is the climate immediately around your house.  When you are landscaping to maximize energy efficiency, don't just think about your regional climate, but also your microclimate.

For example, if your home is on a south-facing slope, it may be warmer than normal, even if you live in a cool region.  If you have a lot of shady trees, your microclimate may be more comfortable than others in your hot-humid region.

Consider your regional climate and your microclimate, and let your landscaping work to beautify your home AND save you money on your energy bills.

Your Building Energy Pros Affiliate Can Help

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